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FST steel and stainless steel sliding doors
FST steel and stainless steel sliding doors

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Fire Sliding Doors - For reliable building protection

Depending on the fire load, Hörmann provides reliable sliding door solutions in single and double-leaf versions that comply with requirements for operation and risk - for all areas. The fire protection designs are tested in accordance with DIN 4102, their quality is continuously monitored by MPA Braunschweig and they are approved by DIBt.
Smoke-tight fire sliding doors for safe escape and rescue routes are additionally tested in accordance with DIN 18095. They are well-suited for all areas with high personnel frequency, where, in the case of fire, people must be protected from the spread of life-threatening fumes.
For fast passage of pedestrians, hand trucks or smaller trolleys, fire sliding doors with wicket/escape door are suitable. For fire protection reasons, wicket/escape doors are equipped with slide rail overhead door closers.
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