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Aluminium Entrance Doors

Your new entrance door should be very special. It should match the style of your home and be prestigious, expressing your good taste. Do you also want an entrance door that meets high security standards and helps save energy with high thermal insulation values?... read more »

ThermoPlus / ThermoPro Entrance Doors

Steel doors for house entrances and side entrances offer a high level of security and good thermal insulation at an inexpensive price.... read more »


For an individually designed house entrance, perfectly matched to the Hörmann entrance door programme.... read more »

Aluminium Entrance Doors

Aluminium Entrance Doors with Style

The aluminium entrance doors available through Hörmann have all been specced out with stylish design and the best thermal insulation available.

Your ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon aluminium entrance doors can be fitted out individually according to your individual taste and desires.

Aluminium offers everything!
Because aluminium doors are superior to plastic or timber doors in many ways. The advantages:


    • High thermal insulation
    • High security
    • High acoustic insulation
    • High stability
    • No follow-up painting necessary


Aluminium doors look new for years, and also offer you a large variety of options in regards to technical equipment and design.

ThermoSafe aluminium entrance door
If you want high thermal insulation and security for your home, we recommend our ThermoSafe door. With a 73 mm thick door leaf and the standard 5-point security lock, you not only save energy, but also protect your home from break-ins and keep out noise.

ThermoCarbon aluminium entrance door
Do you value excellent thermal insulation and the highest security? Then our ThermoCarbon entrance door with a UD value of up to 0.47 W/(m2·K) is the right choice for you.
The door leaf is 100 mm thick and the leaf profile is reinforced with carbon glass-fibre. This means ThermoCarbon doors are a great choice for low-energy houses! And with regards to security, the ThermoCarbon meets the highest demands thanks to its 9-point security lock.

Exactly the door you want
Hörmann offers many options, so you are certain to find the perfect door to fit your home. Just about all the entrance door styles have optional glazings and colours of your choice. Side elements and/or transom lights are also possible.

The catalogue provides comprehensive information and, of course, your Hörmann partner would be happy to give you individual advice.